Ep 76: The Contrarian Trading Style of “Unknown Market Wizard” Jason Shapiro

With 30 years of trading experience, Jason Shapiro uses a contrarian style approach to trading resulting in zero losing years in the last two decades. Listen in as he explains!

Ep 59: Grant Williams’ Market and Mindset Wisdom

Grant Williams is a 35-year investing veteran and the author and publisher of the wildly popular newsletter “Things That Make You Go Hmmm…” and host of the “The Grant Williams Podcast.” He’s an expert in his field, and he has a LOT to say about the market, mindset, and the incredible power of curiosity.

Episode 58: Tom Canfield’s Guide to Mindset, Self-Awareness, & Trading in An Ugly Market

Tom Canfield is considered a legend in the trading world. But it’s not just because he’s smart about choosing stocks. It’s because he’s got an incredible mindset that every trader can learn from.