Blog Ep 91: Angry After Trading? Discover This Quick Anger-Release Trick

Transformative Healing: A Journey from Anger to Liberation

In this podcast episode, I had the pleasure of hosting my good friend Dave Shoemaker, the owner of the renowned Ninth Wave Tattoo Shop in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Dave supported me through a very vulnerable and transformative moment in my life which culminated in a cathartic release of anger.

This journey of healing and self-discovery shows the power of unconventional methods in addressing suppressed emotions in a safe and healthy way. 

For traders, navigating the tumultuous waters of financial markets can often leave them grappling with intense emotions, particularly the underexplored aspect of anger. The expression of anger in the trading world is seldom discussed openly, and the pressure to maintain composure can lead traders to suppress these emotions. Acknowledging and addressing the source of anger, whether it stems from market volatility, unexpected losses, or external factors, is crucial. 

Just as I found healing in an unconventional way, traders may find therapeutic release in constructive outlets tailored to their unique experiences. This could involve debriefing sessions, journaling, or even seeking professional guidance to process and channel the anger effectively. Understanding that anger is a natural response to the challenges of trading, and having the tools to navigate it, can contribute to a trader’s overall mental well-being and resilience in the dynamic world of finance.

Join us as we explore the profound impact of expressing and processing emotions, in a physical and symbolic manner, to find relief and balance.

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