Blog Ep 89: Big Waves to Big Trades – Building a Trading Tribe in the Surf Community

The Trading Tribe: A Fusion of Surfing, Photography, and Financial Wisdom

In the world of trading, where precision meets intuition, a unique community has emerged – The Trading Tribe. With individuals like Shane Dorian and Ryan Miller, this tribe is more than just a group of traders; it’s a blend of diverse backgrounds, including professional surfing and photography.

The story of how this eclectic tribe came together is as spontaneous as the ocean waves they ride. Shane Dorian, a seasoned pro surfer, and Ryan Miller, a top-tier surf photographer, initially connected through their shared passion for riding the waves. Little did they know that their camaraderie would evolve into a tight-knit group exploring the depths of the stock market.

The fusion of their collective experiences, with older members bringing long-term investment insights and younger ones offering cutting-edge knowledge, created a dynamic learning environment. The Trading Tribe started as casual conversations about stocks, mortgages, and real estate, gradually morphing into a focused exchange of ideas and strategies.

As the tribe tightened its structure over the past three to four years, the members became more serious about their financial pursuits. The result is a vibrant community where the wisdom of seasoned investors intertwines with the fresh perspectives of the younger generation, fostering an environment of continuous learning and growth.

What makes The Trading Tribe unique is not just its financial focus but the organic way it came together. It’s a testament to the power of shared interests and the desire to learn and succeed together. 

So, whether you’re riding waves or navigating the stock market, this episode filled with collaboration and inspiration can lead to success in any aspect of life!

Shane has been a welcome guest and cohost on The Wall Street Coach Podcast — check out some of his other appearances here:

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