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The Executive Positioning Index will give you a crystal clear view into your unique decision making process and allow you to move forward with a world-class coach to finally amplify your strengths, identify blind spots, and build yourself up where you are weak.

1 on 1 with Kim

Unlock your full trading potential with Kim Ann Curtin’s personalized two-month coaching program, designed to provide you with the tools, insights, and accountability needed for consistent success. One on one coaching, deeply focused, to unlock your full potential.

Transforming Wall Street (Book)​

[Hardcover] Transforming Wall Street combines fresh insight, intelligence and experience from fifty leading Wall Street luminaries, together with a panel of academic experts and a wide-ranging group of Teachers of Consciousness. (Audible Version Here)

Ego & Inner Critics

Don’t let your Ego or Inner Critic get in the way of success.

As an executive, you may be contending with an invisible enemy that’s holding you back from reaching the success you crave … and you may not even realize it.

Ego, or your Inner Critic, can trap you in a whirlwind of either too much or too little confidence — or you might flip between both. This cycle can distract you from your goals and hold you back from realizing your full potential. Don’t let your Ego or Inner Critic call the shots anymore.

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“I will help push you through the mental barriers holding you back and hand you tailor-made, high-performance strategies, so you can achieve the freedom, wealth, and fulfillment you desire”.

Kim Ann Curtin

Founder of The Wall Street Coach

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