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Market volatility creates incredible opportunities for those who are prepared but it also makes it far more challenging to keep one’s emotions in check. Next-level mastery of your trading takes training and practice.

What is holding you back from reaching your potential?

We provide different packages for all traders with different backgrounds

Trading EQ Video Course

This series begins with a critical look at the mindset of winning traders and resilience training where you will develop true discipline in your trading and life. Next, you’ll gain insights into your self-sabotaging habits and how your unmet needs are lurking behind your poor decisions throughout your trading day.

The Trader Positioning Index goes to a deeper level than any traditional assessment you’ve ever taken. It identifies the values that drive every decision you make. With coaching this index will give you a crystal clear view into your unique decision-making process and allow you to move forward.

1 on 1 with Kim

Unlock your full trading potential with Kim Ann Curtin’s personalized two-month coaching program, designed to provide you with the tools, insights, and accountability needed for consistent success. One on one coaching, deeply focused, to unlock your full potential.

Self-Aware Trader eBook series​

In this four-part series, trading coach Kim Ann Curtin outlines effective and immediately applicable tools that will allow you to start getting to the root of what’s stopping you so you can finally move forward profitably.

Acceleration Group Coaching​

Accelerate your trading prowess in a small-group setting with Kim Ann Curtin’s elite six-week coaching experience—your fast track to mastery. Hours of direct coaching plus thousands of dollars in free bonuses.

Transforming Wall Street (Book)​

[Hardcover] Transforming Wall Street combines fresh insight, intelligence and experience from fifty leading Wall Street luminaries, together with a panel of academic experts and a wide-ranging group of Teachers of Consciousness. (Audible Version Here)

“I will help push you through the mental barriers holding you back and hand you tailor-made, high-performance strategies, so you can achieve the freedom, wealth, and fulfillment you desire”.

Kim Ann Curtin

Founder of The Wall Street Coach

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