Blog Ep 62: Charles Harris’ Winning Mindset + Strategy on $TSLA (Part 2)

0:30 – Kim’s FREE ebook “Discipline and Finding Your Edge”

0:52 – Reintroducing guest Charles Harris + guest co-host Shane Dorian

3:03 – Intro to today’s main topic: Charles Harris’ TSLA trades

3:45 – Shane explains his interest in Charles’ TSLA trades

4:05 – Charles’ introduction: why TSLA?

5:25 – Begin Charles’ TSLA powerpoint presentation

7:14 – Trading TSLA before and after his 2019

14:30 – How Charles used AAPL as precedent for TSLA

17:45 – Even great stocks have bad years — how can traders deal?

20:15 – AAPL’s incredible ascent — what traders can learn

21:55 – Charles shares TSLA charts + talks through his trades

27:30 – Pacing yourself when a stock’s running

29:13 – Over to the Twitter Space Q+A

Charles Harris’ Winning Mindset + Strategy on $TSLA

Guest Charles Harris and guest co-host Shane Dorian are back by popular demand! 

(If you missed it, check out Part 1 of their interview on The Wall Street Coach Podcast here.) 

This time, Charles gets into the nitty-gritty of his winning trades on Tesla, Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA). Be prepared to learn from his expertise and experience plus plenty of stock charts!

Charles Harris is a Portfolio Manager at O’Neil Global Advisors Inc. with over 20 years of experience in finance. Recently, he released a YouTube video of a 2019 presentation he made at the final IBD Level IV Master’s Program workshop in Santa Monica, CA entitled “A Trader’s Journey.” In it, he details his personal journey as a stock trader and shares his highs and lows, the many boom and bust cycles he’s experienced along the way, and the lessons he’s learned and continue to relearn. The video went viral — it currently has over 34K views. Legions of traders have been blown away by his vulnerability and the wisdom he has gained as a result of staggering losses and hard-earned lessons — including legendary big wave surfer and trader Shane Dorian, who joins Kim as a guest co-host for today’s episode. 

Not familiar with Shane? He’s been on the pod before — don’t miss his episode here. As a refresher, Shane spent 11 years touring on the World Championship Tour as a pro surfer before quitting the pro circuit to focus on big waves. Now, he’s one of the best-known big wave surfers in the world. But that’s not all — he’s also an accomplished trader, with years of experience. Following the CANSLIM system, created by William O’Neil, Shane identifies as a swing/position trader and has seen massive upside in his trading for over a decade.


What To Expect in This Episode 

In today’s followup interview, Kim and guest co-host Shane speak with Charles about his approach to trading TSLA. As Charles explained in Part 1 of the interview, a series of winning trades on TSLA helped him recover his account after losing 85% of his net worth on a series of drawdowns. Then, Kim and Charles head over to a live Twitter Space q+a session so listeners can join in the conversation. Here’s what to expect:

  • Why Charles has so much conviction in trading TSLA. As he puts it, he’s a “love-hate relationship with TSLA since 2013.” Yes, it was one of his biggest winners — but he’s also lost a boatload of money on it, too. Charles explains why “it’s been great but I’ve also had periods where I’ve done very poorly with it.”
  • A detailed powerpoint presentation where Charles explains his approach to the stock since 2013 when he started trading it.
  • A new way to evaluate disruptive technology and why, according to Charles, “position size mirrors conviction, at least for me.”
  • Why the potential for Tesla is “enormous” and why traders need to look past the divisive individual that is Elon Musk. Charles about near-term catalysts for TSLA and why he’s still so bullish on the stock.
  • What Charles learned from trading AAPL — and how it gives him an edge trading TSLA. 
  • If you believe that you have something that has massive secular growth, you don’t want to lose your core position. Charles explains why.
  • Plus, Charles shares TSLA charts + gives plenty of details about his approach to trading TSLA!

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Resources/People Mentioned

"A Trader’s Journey" — Charles Harris' YouTube video
"Future of Transportation" Keynote 2020 NC Dot Transportation Summit talk by Tony Seba 
Jim Roppel on Twitter

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Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment, legal, or tax advice, or an offer to buy or sell any security. For full disclosures:

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