Blog The Enduring Legacy of William O’Neil

The Wall Street Coach is honored to pay tribute to the enduring legacy of William O’Neil. Esteemed guests Brian Shannon, Kathy Donnelly, Charles Harris, Eve Bobach, Mike Webster, John Boik and Shane Dorian have been profoundly influenced and educated by William O’Neil and they take this time to remember him.

The legacy of William O’Neil lies not only in his remarkable trading genius but also in the vibrant community he cultivated. Through meetups and gatherings, he brought traders together, creating an environment of learning, support, and shared growth. Countless traders continue to be inspired by Bill’s teachings which shape their trading journeys and help them to find success. The impact of William O’Neil’s work and the community he fostered will continue to resonate for years to come, leaving an indelible mark on the world of trading and investing.

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