Blog Ep 80: Recipes for Success with Megan Marlow

0:39 – is the only Discord room for Traders that specifically works on the mindset of a trader
1:08 – Meet Megan Marlow
3:15 – Pivoting from cooking to trading
10:44 – Belief in herself
17:33 – Biohacking
24:56 – Handling ego
36:34 – On motivation
54:52 – Preparing to trade

From Chef to Trader:
The Power of Mindset and Attitude

Megan Marlow, a senior Trader at Peak Capital trading and a devoted moderator for Bear Bull Traders, shares her journey from being a professional chef to becoming a successful Trader is both inspiring and enlightening.

A diverse skill set, cultivated during her career as a chef, has allowed her to maneuver through high-stress trading environments with ease. She attributes her success to her unwavering creativity and her ability to handle high-pressure situations. As Megan puts it, “If you can’t handle the heat in the kitchen, you are done pretty quickly.”

The pivot from the culinary world to trading might seem like a drastic change, but for Megan, it was a natural progression. As a chef, she constantly sought out cerebral challenges and desired a career that would keep her on her toes. 

Trading offered her the perfect outlet for her passion for intellectual stimulation and provided a dynamic and ever-changing environment.

One of the key elements that Megan emphasizes is the importance of attitude in trading. She believes that a positive and enthusiastic mindset is crucial for success in the market. Her infectious half-glass-filled attitude is evident in everything she does, from sharing a laugh in an Uber to tackling unexpected market situations. 

She firmly believes that maintaining a good attitude, even during tough times, is vital for navigating the ups and downs of trading.

Megan’s journey as a self-taught chef has instilled in her the belief that anything can be learned with the right mindset and determination. Her willingness to take on new challenges and her unwavering belief in herself have been the driving forces behind her success in both the culinary and trading worlds. She credits her ability to embrace new opportunities to her mindset of “if they can do it, why can’t I?”

Megan Marlow’s story is a testament to the power of mindset and attitude in achieving success. Whether you’re a chef, a trader, or pursuing any other career, adopting a positive attitude and believing in yourself can make all the difference!

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