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0:35 – is the only Discord room for Traders that specifically works on the mindset of a trader.
1:05 – Meet Andrew Aziz
5:20 – Why Mount Everest
11:34 – Willing to die
15:06 – Finding your true self
24:38 – On risk and reward
30:12 – Coming to an understanding with yourself
46:18 – On accepting what is out of your control

Andrew Aziz, the founder of Bear Bull Traders, shares his awe-inspiring experience of summiting Mount Everest. As a passionate mountain climber since his teenage years, Andrew’s dream of conquering the world’s highest peak finally became a reality. In this interview, we delve into Andrew’s remarkable journey and explore the valuable lessons it holds for traders. Get ready to be inspired and motivated on a personal and professional level!

Andrew’s fascination with mountains began during his upbringing in Tehran, Iran. Gazing at the snow-capped peaks from his bedroom, he developed a deep-rooted passion for climbing and hiking. Starting with simple hikes, Andrew gradually embarked on more challenging adventures, mastering technical climbing skills and glacier travel. Everest beckoned him not just because of its lofty stature, but also for the breathtaking environment it offered—especially the magical sunrise at 26,000-27,000 feet.

After a life-changing experience during the Nepal earthquake in 2015, Andrew returned to Nepal in 2021 for running, hiking, and trekking. It was then that he decided the time was right to fulfill his dream of scaling Everest. Opting for the April-May climbing season, Andrew embarked on a rigorous six to eight-week expedition in just one month. Prior acclimatization in Bolivia helped prepare his body for the challenges that lay ahead.

One of the many key takeaways from Andrew’s Everest journey is the importance of patience and adaptability. Climbing the world’s highest peak requires tremendous resilience, both physically and mentally. Andrew emphasizes that success is contingent upon being patient with oneself, one’s body, and the ever-changing mountain weather. The mountain sets the pace, and climbers must learn to adapt and respect its conditions.

During his climb, Andrew encountered unexpected delays due to torn ropes, which impeded progress towards the summit. This experience taught him the significance of maintaining a strong mindset. Andrew persevered, demonstrating unwavering determination and resilience. Traders can draw inspiration from this, learning to navigate obstacles and setbacks with a steadfast attitude.

Andrew’s journey serves as a metaphor for the trading world, where patience, adaptability, and mental fortitude are equally essential. Like a climber waiting for the perfect window to attempt the summit, traders must exercise patience in the market, waiting for the right opportunities to execute their strategies. So, next time you face a trading challenge, remember Andrew’s inspiring tale and let it guide you towards achieving your own Everest.

About Andrew Aziz

Andrew Aziz is an accomplished trader and founder of Bear Bull Traders, an educational community designed to help traders connect, learn, share, and grow. 

After moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to earn his PhD in chemical engineering, Andrew spent several years working in various research scientist positions in the cleantech industry.

Upon being let go from one particular position, he decided to focus his energy on the financial industry and trading markets. With drive and determination, Andrew started studying the stock market. Everyone, including himself, was doubtful, but Andrew persevered.

Then, in 2015, he published his first book, “How to Day Trade for a Living,” a simple, concise, and practical guide to day trading, written for everyone, regardless of their financial market knowledge. Later, in 2016, he started what would become the Bear Bull Traders community as a forum for serious traders to share their knowledge and expertise with other traders around the world.

Whenever he is not trading or in front of his computer, Andrew is outdoors hiking, trekking, skiing, or high-altitude climbing.  

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Disclaimer: All information provided is for educational purposes only and does not constitute investment, legal, or tax advice, or an offer to buy or sell any security. For full disclosures:

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