Blog Ep 76: The Contrarian Trading Style of “Unknown Market Wizard” Jason Shapiro

Ep 76: The Contrarian Trading Style of “Unknown Market Wizard” Jason Shapiro

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1:00 – Intro to Jason Shapiro
2:10 – Jason talks about his time in a Burmese Monastery
11:05 – On having a contrarian personality
28:37 –  To Twitter Space!
32:32 –  His community of traders
44:04 – On unbiased trading
51:30 – Remembering how reading the book Market Wizards affected him
1:10:02 – Jason’s take on the SVB collapse
1:11:58 – Jason’s mediation practice

With 30 years of trading experience, Jason’s most recent years include a “contrarian style” approach that has zero correlation with any other trading strategy in the market. This approach has resulted in zero losing years over the past two decades. Featured in Jack Schwager’s latest book, Unknown Market Wizards, Jason Shapiro was The Contrarian referenced in Chapter Two. 

Jason owns and manages a successful Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) business called Crowded Market Report.

Follow Jason –

Website:  Crowded Market

Twitter: @Crowded_Mkt_Rpt

YouTube: @crowdedmarketreport

LinkedIn: CMR Publishing

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