Blog Ep 77: Alex Sposito: College Student to Six-Figure Trader

Ep:77 Alex Sposito – College Student to Seven-Figure Trader

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1:11 – Intro to Alex Sposito

5:45 – What Alex feels are the strengths and attributes to becoming a 7-figure trader

7:34 – On networking

9:44 – The social aspect of trading and its impact on a trader’s mindset

20:23 – The emotional side of the process

26:22 – To Twitter Space!

31:20 – Focusing on emotions while trading

52:07 – Alex’s advice for younger traders

In this episode of The Wall Street Coach Podcast, I sit down with Alex Sposito to discuss his journey from college student to becoming a seven-figure trader. Alex emphasizes the importance of risk management and networking in his success. He also discusses the support system he had during his biggest loss and how it helped him process through it quicker.

Alex also reminds traders to become systematic in trading, allowing for more focus and freeing up time to dedicate elsewhere. Looking back, the top three things he would focus on are risk management, data and statistics, and defining strategies. As he puts it, “The difference between could and should in trading is conviction.”


Alex Sposito’s journey will show you the importance of having a support system, a healthy mindset as a trader, conviction in your decisions and how to learn from our failures.

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