Blog Ep 74: Rick Carson on Taming Your Gremlin for Traders

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0:57 – Intro to Rick Carson

3:56 – Did Rick ever expect his book to do what it has done?

5:18 – What is an inner gremlin and how can it affect traders?

10:50 – Kim’s experience of Rick’s book: its profound effects in her life.

14:09 – Effort vs. strain and actionable tips

18:07 – Lean into losses for catharsis

19:50 – Rick’s take on accepting losses in trading

23:37 – Tuning in to your physical experience

27:34 – The monster of the mind for traders

29:40 – How traders can face uncertainty insecurity and volatility in the market

32:13 – How to identify if it’s your gremlin talking or you

37:50 – Revenge trading and why it’s like poison

43:08 – The negative power of resisting

45:39 – What is a healthy relationship to fear?

48:50 – Anecdotes of survival

52:05 – Getting comfortable with loss, navigating grief, and parting words of advice

Ep 74: Rick Carson on Taming Your Gremlin for Traders

Are inner gremlins holding you back from realizing your true potential as a trader? Don’t miss this interview with famed author Rick Carson about taming your inner gremlin!

Just about everyone has beliefs about themselves. But where do they come from? Are they based on fact, or are they really just your “inner gremlin” telling you lies that are holding you back from realizing your full potential?

According to Rick Carson, author of “Taming Your Gremlin,” any belief you have about yourself is just an opinion that you develop loyalty to. It’s important to get a sliver of light between who you are and all those ideas about who you are — otherwise they could be holding you back. 

In this interview with The Wall Street Coach Podcast host Kim Ann Curtin, Rick Carson helps shed light on the “monster of the mind” that uses negative past experiences and self-doubt to limit and keep you from reaching your full potential. 

About Rick Carson

When it comes to Gremlin-Taming®, Rick Carson wrote the book — literally.

Rick is the author of four HarperCollins books. His seminal work, Taming Your Gremlin® has had a remarkable track record. A top seller for HarperCollins since its publication in 1984, Taming Your Gremlin has been translated into numerous languages leading to a Revised Edition in 2003 and its sequel, A Master Class in Gremlin-Taming in 2008.

For five decades Rick has been a practicing psychotherapist, personal/executive coach, consultant to businesses, non-profit organizations, United States government agencies and more. He’s conducted presentations at the behest of organizations in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East. Rick is an Approved Supervisor for the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy and a former faculty member at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical School.

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Instagram: @gremlintaming
Twitter: @gremlintaming
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