Blog Ep 75: Brian Shannon on Maximum Gains With Anchored VWAP

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1:20 – Intro to Brian Shannon

3:50 – Starting with the basics

8:50 – The history of Anchored VWAP

10:35 – Charting software recommendations

13:20 – Using AVWAP in relation to earnings trends

18:45 – Why AVWAP is the perfect combination of price, time & volume

20:40 – How to set up your charts

25:38 – Brian discusses his new book

31:50 – Part II – Twitter Space

32:38 – The difference between VWAP and AVWAP

36:30 – How to manage risk with AVWAP

44:47 – The psychology of traders in relation to using VWAP as a tool

46:36 – How Brian Shannon deals with FOMO

48:18 – How these books shifted Brian’s relationship with the market

51:20 – Trader EQ – How Brian manages risk

55:50 – Don’t argue with the market

1:00:19 – Brian Shannon on his trading style

1:05:15 – Finding you own personal approach

1:07:53 – “JOMO”

1:10:10 – Don’t buy the dip

1:13:50 – Brian’s advice for traders

Ep 75: Brian Shannon on Maximum Gains with Anchored VWAP 

Interested in having a better perspective on the market? 

In this interview with The Wall Street Coach Podcast host Kim Ann Curtin and guest co-host Shane Dorian, Brian Shannon, CMT discusses the history and practical uses of Anchored VWAP– including as part of a strategy to deal with FOMO.

New and seasoned traders won’t want to miss this episode!

Anchored VWAP – it’s not for everyone, but for those who understand how to use it as a tool, it definitely gives an advantage. For Brian, it’s how he came to better understand the market and his relationship to it. 

About Brian Shannon, CMT

Author Brian Shannon is a stock market analyst and trader professional with over three decades of experience. He founded Alphatrends,, an online community dedicated to market analysis and education for swing traders. 

He has taught tens of thousands to become better traders with his highly acclaimed book, Technical Analysis Using Multiple Timeframes. His newest book, Maximum Trading Gains with Anchored VWAP:  The Perfect Combination of Price, Time & Volume,  is the #1 Investment Analysis & Strategy book on Amazon and continues to sell out. 

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Twitter: @Alphatrends  
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