Blog Ep 73: David Sun’s High-Conviction Mindset in Trading

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0:57 – Intro to David Sun

2:13 – Breaking down “return on time” — one of David’s guiding principles as a trader

5:02 – The crucial nature of patience

7:34 – How an electrical engineering background gave David an edge in trading and helps him build conviction

13:50 – How David shares content and shares resources with traders and the power of fellowship for traders

21:36 – Over to Twitter Space; a discussion of the the difference between options and equity trading

23:00 – David’s career trajectory

27:57 – What David gets from his podcast

30:50 – What mindset is necessary to succeed in options?

34:23 – Are options just YOLO bets? Addressing options misconceptions.

36:49 – The TRUTH about understanding where a strategy has edge

40:00 – Managing realistic expectations for traders.

46:04 – Elite traders versus realistic traders, and final parting words

Ep 73: David Sun’s High-Conviction Mindset in Trading

When it comes to trading and investing, most people focus on return on capital. But according to David Sun, money isn’t what it’s all about. He argues that time is a form of capital. If you have a very efficient strategy and can do other things with your time, then you can gain a different form of return on capital. 

While his “passive investing” style might be low-touch, that doesn’t mean it’s low-knowledge.  

Do you want to break free from the chains of 24/7 trading? Are you ready to get a “return on time” in your trading career?

In this unique two-part interview with The Wall Street Coach Podcast host Kim Ann Curtin, David shares his unique yet realistic and highly accessible approach to trading. Then, the interview moves over to a live Twitter Space recording. Prepare to look at trading and work-life balance in a whole new way! 

About David Sun

David Sun doesn’t come from a finance background. He picked up options from a friend while pursuing a masters in Electrical Engineering at Princeton during 2008/2009. In 2017, he discovered tastytrade, which accelerated his learning curve. He launched his first options-based hedge fund in 2018, followed by a second hedge fund in 2021. Today, he is the host of the Trade Busters podcast, which is focused on educating retail options traders with emphasis on risk management and return on time.

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