Blog Ep 72: Joseph Gasperoni of JTrader on Small Cap Trading Success

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0:52 – Intro to Joe Gasperoni, AKA JTrader

– What mindset is necessary for traders who want to find success in small caps?

5:32 – JTrader’s secrets to being resilient

7:50 – Words of advice for traders who are struggling right now

9:01 – How the perfection trap affects traders

10:40 – Why is ongoing education so important for traders?

11:50 – What is JTrader’s personality?

13:20 – The importance of knowing yourself

18:27 – What the heck is going on with crypto?

21:30 – Balancing self-care and trading

23:30 – What does JTrader wish he knew earlier?

24:47 – When is it time to change up your trading strategy?

26:48 – Over to Twitter Space + reintroduce JTrader

31:10 – What motivates JTrader to help emerging traders

35:06 – The importance of having a support system and trading community

45:00 – The spirit JTrader tries to bring to his work every day

46:33 – Recovering from losses and parting words

Ep 72: Joseph Gasperoni of JTrader on Small Cap Trading Success

Looking to find success in small caps? Learn from the best. Joseph Gasperoni, AKA JTrader, has been in the game for years. He’s traded and invested in a variety of different securities. He’s had to pivot time and time again in reaction to the shifting market. Now, he’s found success as both a small-cap trader and mentor. 

In this unique two-part interview with The Wall Street Coach Podcast host Kim Ann Curtin, Joseph shares what goes into his impressive mindset — including how he accepts losses as part of the game. Then, the interview moves over to a live Twitter Space recording. Prepare to gain a fresh perspective on the 2023 market and more confidence on your trading path.

About Joseph Gasperoni

JTrader started trading Italian stocks and covered warrants in 1999. His ambition grew and decided to take a mentor, Dr. Michele Pertile. After gaining 5 years of experience and knowledge, JTrader finally reached his goal and traded live from 2000 to 2005. During this time JTrader continued his studies which included back testing. From this he founded his proprietary indicators, JLines. After many years of success and expanding into other class assets, JTrader finally reached a point of content but also weariness. JTrader distracted himself with long term investments and real estate from 2011 to 2016. In 2016 JTrader returned to trading but the Italian Market had changed, so he had no choice but to learn a new market, the U.S. Stock Market. Within the U.S. Stock Market JTrader found more success, particularly with small caps. His success with small caps spread amongst peers and this led him to a new ambition of creating a trading community, where he could mentor and help others find the same success he has.

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