Blog Episode 54: Zach Schellhaas on Making an Impact with Traders4ACause

Listen to or watch the full episode:
0:25 – Kim’s FREE ebook ‘Discipline and Finding Your Edge’

1:10 – Introducing Zach Schellhaas and Traders4ACause
6:00 – What makes Traders4ACause unique

7:40 – The negative impact of having a scarcity mindset
11:10 – Discussing the Boston episode of Traders4ACause Podcast

12:50 – What the Traders4ACause conference provides for traders

17:50 – Having deep conversations with Traders on the Traders4ACause Podcast

23:15 – The greatest psychological hurdles Zach has seen for himself and successful traders

27:50 – The charities Traders4ACause supports

30:10 – How to find the date for the next Traders4ACause conference

32:35 – Advice for traders – the importance of sitting on your hands

34:55 – The importance of creating your own path

37:00 – Entering the flow state at the Traders4ACause conference

40:45 – The impact of Traders4ACause on individual traders

47:40 – How contribution fulfills a human need

Zach Schellhaas on Making an Impact with Traders4ACause

Zach Schellhaas joins the Wall Street Coach Podcast to discuss how traders can find community, be a contribution, and make an impact with Traders4ACause.

With his dynamic background, ranging from marketing and advertising to trading and account management, Zach has flourished in his role as Executive Director at Traders4ACause.

In this episode Zach dives into what makes Traders4ACause so unique, including creating a community for traders that often work in isolation and encourages these same traders to be a contribution to society. As Zach describes, some of the most profound benefits he has seen in traders is their shift from a “scarcity mindset” to a “mindset of abundance.” As Zach points out, this mindset shift is invaluable for traders and making the shift is often what allows traders to take the next step and become more successful than they could have imagined.

Traders4ACause supports numerous charities, including charities on the local, national, and international level. If you’re a trader looking to give back, consider making an impact with Traders4ACause.

Zach Schellhaas

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