Blog Episode 53: Anthony Scaramucci and The Sweet Life with Bitcoin

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0:25 – Kim’s FREE ebook ‘Discipline and Finding Your Edge’

0:54 – Introducing Anthony Scaramucci

2:25 – SkyBridge’s Bitcoin investing odyssey

6:15 – What you’re signing up for when investing in Bitcoin

8:45 – The importance of cultivating intellectual curiosity

13:00 – Should retail investors bet on VCs or companies?

15:15 – Anthony’s take on coins/token/NFTs/Airdrops

18:10 – SEC’s Ripple XRP case

19:28 – The biggest hurdle for Bitcoin

20:15 – The potential competition for Bitcoin

22:12 – The background of the Skybridge Node

23:00 – Anthony’s thoughts on the current market

25:33 – What to make of Elon Musks bid for Twitter

26:45 – How to get involved with Bitcoin

28:20 – Lessons from Mohammad Ali

30:30 – Anthony’s lesson from being fired from The White House

Anthony Scaramucci and The Sweet Life with Bitcoin

Anthony Scaramucci joins The Wall Street Coach Podcast to discuss his book The Sweet Life with Bitcoin and ways to capitalize on Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and other blockchain technology by holding a longterm perspective.

In this conversation Kim and Anthony both reminisce about their first introduction to Bitcoin. Kim’s first real impression being in 2008 as she was coaching for free on the street outside the New York Stock Exchange and Anthony’s being when the Winklevoss twins brought it it his attention.

The Mooch discusses his new book, The Sweet Life with Bitcoin, and shares how resistant he was to even consider Bitcoin when he first learned of it and how his attitude toward Bitcoin has changed from skepticism to opportunity when he saw the cryptocurrency begin to be adopted by the masses. Anthony makes it clear that he and SkyBridge Capital believe that Bitcoin is still in its infancy and discusses how they began building a position just a few years ago. With a longterm outlook on Bitcoin, Anthony makes it clear that SkyBridge doesn’t plan on just doubling their money with their Bitcoin investment but are in it for the long-haul.

Scaramucci’s attitude toward intellectual curiosity and challenging his own beliefs and preconceived notions is something we could all learn to practice more – it’s one of the things that has separated him from the pack in every endeavor he has pursued. Anthony touches on neuroplasticity and the importance of consciously forcing himself to get out of his comfort zone and think about things differently. This is undoubtedly influenced his ability to quickly pivot with new information and is something we can all practice more.

Anthony Scaramucci

Anthony Scaramucci on Twitter

The Sweet Life with Bitcoin: How I Stopped Worrying about Cryptocurrency and You Should Too!

SkyBridge Capital

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