Blog Episode 55: Brice Foose on Part-Time Work and Full Time Profits

Brice Foose on Part-Time Work and Full Time Profits

0:25 – Kim’s FREE ebook ‘Discipline and Finding Your Edge’

0:45 – Introducing Brice Foose
3:50 – Conversations with the average person informs emotions in the market

6:00 – How curiosity and neutrality serves as an edge
7:55 – Brice’s main focuses and style of trading
10:45 – How Brice got into trading
12:00 – How having a second income as a pharmacist has helped Brice

18:30 – Being a patience and self-awareness to trading
21:55 – Digging into Brice’s instinct in trading

26:50 – How mentors can actually help your career
32:15 – What Brice wishes he would have learned early in his career
33:45 – Advice for experienced traders – keep surviving
38:15 – What propelled Brice’s career the most

Brice Foose on Part-Time Work and Full Time Profits

Brice Foose joins The Wall Street Coach Podcast to discuss the importance of balance and how he benefits from from part-time as a pharmacist and sees big profits as a full time trader.

Most traders dream of the day that they can quit their day job and focus solely on mastering their craft as a trader – that’s not quite the case for Brice Foose.

In this interview we dive into how Brice got his start in trading over a decade ago – fittingly so, while he was in school to become a pharmacist. With more market experience than many traders out there, Brice has a humble demeanor, an incredible passion for trading, and a healthy curiosity.

Brice’s primary focuses are small cap biotech companies – an area that he uniquely understands better than most. Brice understands his edge and capitalizes on it.

Brice’s approach to trading is refreshing and unlike many traders that feel the need to give up their day job as soon as they are profitable in that he has kept his part-time job as a pharmacist, even though he is a full time prop trader at Seven Points Capital.

As he puts it in this interview, “I don’t know if you’ve ever really made it in trading…I’m a big believer in multiple revenue streams, even if trading is 99.9% of it.”

Beyond just having the financial benefit a part-time job allows him to fall back on, Brice points out the psychological benefits a lot of traders overlook, saying, “It helps my mindset a lot, even if it’s a small amount of money…it gives me a good sense of balance, regardless of the paycheck, I’m still able to help people with my knowledge and it’s something totally different. It gets me out of the house and [gives me] interaction with people.”

Brice Foose

Brice Foose on Twitter

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