Blog Episode 52: Ellen Rogin on Your Relationship with Money and Prosperity

Ellen Rogin on Your Relationship with Money and Prosperity

0:25 – Kim’s FREE ebook ‘Discipline and Finding Your Edge’

1:00 – Introducing Ellen Rogin
3:25 – Understanding your relationship to money

7:28 – Navigating fear and scarcity in personal wealth

10:20 – How relationships impact your wealth

14:30 – Ellen’s genesis as a money intuition expert

19:00 – Shifting your beliefs about money and wealth

23:20 – How to work smarter not harder

25:10 – Creating a Prosperity Picture – a practice from Picture Your Prosperity

28:40 – Noticing your beliefs about money

31:00 – Developing a healthy relationship with money

34:00 – Combat comparison with gratitude to achieve prosperity

38:15 – Navigating newfound wealth

41:30 – How work and money impacts your relationships

44:27 – Generosity proceeds prosperity

45:30 – Why we don’t give our intuition enough attention and intention

48:20 – What money wants from humanity

Ellen Rogin on Your Relationship with Money and Prosperity

Ellen Rogin joins The Wall Street Coach Podcast to discuss how to evaluate and nurture your relationship with money, wealth, and prosperity. Ellen’s career began as a financial and investment advisor nearly three decades ago and has been helping her clients achieve abundance and prosperity ever since.

As an experienced financial advisor, Ellen says that she can speak to someone and be able to tell within a few minutes if they will be on track financially. Beyond this, she has developed an intuition with money and is able to use this intuition to help clients shift their relationship with money from scarcity to abundance.

Ellen is the author of Great with Money and Picture Your Prosperity and in this conversation we touch on topics covered in her books, including creating a Prosperity Picture, noticing your beliefs about money, and how generosity proceeds prosperity.

Ellen Rogin

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Ellen’s FREE ebook Great with Money

Picture Your Prosperity

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