Blog Episode 49: John Gray, PhD. on Harnessing the Power of Your Testosterone

John Gray on harnessing the power of your testosterone

0:25 – Kim’s FREE ebook ‘Discipline and Finding Your Edge’

0:50 – Introducing John Gray
7:00 – Managing stress and relationships

14:00 – Understanding adrenaline, dopamine, testosterone, and estrogen

18:50 – The danger of taking testosterone

19:50 – Self-Esteem and Self-Mastery
25:20 – Understanding cortisol, testosterone, and estrogen in men and women
32:30 – The importance of mentorship

36:00 – Addiction in the body
39:00 – Gray’s thoughts on addiction to pornography

45:45 – Managing adrenaline and stimulation

50:50 – Emotional intelligence exercise

54:20 – Hormone disruptors
55:15 – Naturally creating estrogen and testosterone in relationships
58:15 – Burning off adrenaline

John Gray on Balancing Hormones

John Gray joins Kim and Lucas to discuss the importance of properly balancing hormones in your body for optimal mental and physical performance. Gray dives into how imbalances of estrogen and testosterone in both men and women can impact their moods, appearance, and sexual drive. This episode also touches on how traders can be susceptible to becoming addicted to stimulation. Gray explains how elevated levels of adrenaline in the body can cause lasting damage and also touches on the dangers of taking testosterone supplements.

John Gray

Beyond Mars and Venus

Men are from Mare, Women are from Venus

Or watch the full episode below:

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