Blog Episode 50: Jawad Mian’s Stray Reflections for Investors and Traders

Jawad Mian's Stray Reflections for Investors and Traders

0:25 – Kim’s FREE ebook ‘Discipline and Finding Your Edge’

0:45 – Introducing Jawad Mian
2:45 – Where Jawad finds inspiration

4:20 – Having an unconventional background is an edge

8:05 – Confidence in independent thinking by searching for truth
10:10 – How to find neutrality
13:00 – Introduction to the Stray Reflections community

16:45 – The importance of knowing oneself in trading and investing

18:50 – The genesis of the Stray Reflections community and book

24:10 – The importance of faith
29:30 – How to come back center

31:45 – What Jawad would tell his 25-year-old self

33:30 – How Jawad filters out noise and focus on his process

39:45 – The connection between emotions and spirituality

41:40 – Jawad’s thoughts on the current market

45:45 – Understanding the Russian & Ukraine conflict

48:40 – How to align your money with your morals

51:15 – Jawad’s daily practices

53:35 – Balancing confidence and humility

57:00 – Jawad’s experience after doing an assessment with Kim

1:00:00 – Living shibumi

Jawad Mian’s Stray Reflections for Investors and Traders

Jawad Mian joins The Wall Street Coach Podcast to discuss his book Stray Reflections, his thoughts on the current market, and how he finds clarity for himself through spirituality. 

Jawad Mian is the founder of Stray Reflections, a global macro research firm and trading advisory with a focus on major investment themes. His clients include some of the world’s largest and wisest hedge funds, asset managers, family offices, pension funds, endowments, sovereign wealth funds and institutional investors in the world. He is the author of the book by the same name, Stray Reflections which digs deep into his own journey and the universal journey we all take while weaving in eternal truths from poets, saints, and philosophers. Mian’s work is prized for its staunch independence, clarity of thought and courage to push clients outside of the manacles of conventional thinking. He is devoted to the pursuit of truth – in life and in markets.

Jawad Mian

Jawad Mian on Twitter 

Stray Reflections 

Or watch the full episode below:

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