Blog Episode 48: Jane Gallina on Dark Pools, Crypto, and Moving with the Market

Jane Gallina AirPlane Jane on The Wall Street Coach Podcast

0:25 – Kim’s FREE ebook ‘Discipline and Finding Your Edge’

0:53 – Introducing Jane Gallina (Airplane Jane) and her book #FMJ

3:00 – Jane’s background as a trader and pilot

6:30 – Following dark pools to catch big moves

10:45 – Jane’s opinion on the current market and world economy

15:00 – Risk management in and out of the market

17:20 – Developing emotional intelligence as a trader

21:00 – Using dark pool information for going long or short

22:10 – Patience in and out of the market

24:00 – Advice for new traders
26:40 – The future of crypto, blockchain, and fiat money

30:00 – Jane spots the creation and burning of $USDC on blockchain

35:30 – How to get started in crypto

40:25 – Jane’s exploration into crypto

44:30 – Curiosity is key learning and success

46:35 – Women in trading

49:15 – The best tools to study trading

50:50 – Jane’s parting advice to traders

Jane Gallina on Dark Pools, Crypto, and Moving with the Market

Jane Gallina aka Airplane Jane joins Kim and Lucas to discuss how her trading has transformed by following dark pool prints, her insights around crypto, and how she adapts to new information in order to move with the market. As the author of ‘#FMJ Trust Transition Trade: How Successful Traders Said It, Did It and Lived It’ a book dedicated to women in trading, Jane has become a leading voice in the female trading community.  

In this conversation Jane dives into how her experience as a market participant has helped her profit and avoid major drawdowns by keeping a close eye on major dollar volume moves created by dark pools entering and leaving the market. But it’s not just dark pools that Jane relies on – she also brings attention to the fact that the markets and people have patterns, and by recognizing these patterns she’s able to step in at the right time to catch big profits. 

Over the past few years Jane has become extremely curious about cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Jane offers her opinion about the future of country currencies transitioning completely to digital and how she spotted and analyzed a 81-trillion dollar volume creation, transferring, and burning of $USDC on the blockchain using etherscan. Armed with this information, Jane believes that it is just a matter of time before all world currencies shift to blockchain. 

Above all, Jane’s curiosity and open-mind drives her to keep searching for new ways to learn and profit from the markets. Jane’s constant desire to get a peek behind the curtain is what has led to much of her success and her passion for understanding dark pools, cryptocurrencies, and why the market moves. 

Jane Gallina 

Jane Gallina – AirPlane Jane – Carpe Profit on YouTube

Jane Gallina on Twitter

 #FMJ Trust Transition Trade: How Successful Traders Said It, Did It and Lived It 

Or watch the full episode below:

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