Blog Episode 47: Kathy Donnelly on Finding Growth Stock Leaders of Tomorrow

The Wall Street Coach Podcast Kathy Donnelly on Finding Growth Stock Leaders of Tomorrow

0:25 – Introducing Kathy Donnelly and The Lifecycle Trade

3:40 – How Kathy became interested in investing
5:45 – How being a woman is an edge
8:10 – Finding growth stocks in a weak market
11:10 – Kathy’s preferred holding term
12:00 – Transitioning from value investing to growth investing
13:00 – The value of IBD meetups
15:30 – Kathy’s rules for holding and waiting through corrections
17:40 – Kathy’s investing rules and Mental Capital Preservation
24:00 – Breaking down Kathy’s trade on $CRWD
32:00 – Developing the Lifecycle Trade rules
34:05 – Creating the Mental Capital Preservation rule w/ coauthors Eve Boboch, Eric Krull, and Kurt Daill
36:00 – Narrowing the focus on IPOs
37:40 – How long it takes to recognize what you do best
39:10 – The thought process during a correction… PATIENCE
41:20 – Ways to practice patience and fight FOMO
45:40 – Breaking down the big run on $NVDA
47:35 – Recapping $ZM’s Covid move
49:30 – Breaking down the ‘late bloomer pattern’ of $TSLA
53:00 – The MCP holding method
55:00 – Kathy’s trade on $ZM
56:50 – Advise to traders and investors – what do you really want to focus on?

Kathy Donnelly on Finding Growth Stock Leaders of Tomorrow

Kathy Donnelly joins Kim and Lucas to discuss her book The Lifecycle Trade and how she is finding growth stock leaders of tomorrow. Implementing many rules created by famed growth investor William O’Neil, Kathy has found incredible success investing and managing her own money.

Despite a successful career in the Oil and Gas industry, Kathy followed her dream and worked toward her goal to manage her own money. In 2006 she met her team members at an IBD meetup. Together, they researched growth stock leaders of the past and created the blueprint for what would eventually become The Lifecycle Trade.

Kathy now manages her own money while pursuing fitness goals, including finishing multiple Ironman Triathlons.  

Along with her coauthors of The Lifecycle Trade, Eve Boboch, Eric Krull, and Kurt Daill, Kathy has developed rules for buying and selling recent IPO stocks with the intention of holding for months or years. Built on the foundation of William O’Neil’s How to Make Money in Stocks, The Lifecycle Trade introduces new identifying processes and terminology focusing on young public companies with huge potential. With her method of position trading/investing, Kathy and her team are looking for stocks to hold for massive rewards with minimal downside exposure. 

In this episode Kathy breaks down recent market leaders CrowdStrike Holdings $CRWD, Nvidia $NVDA, Zoom $ZM, and Tesla $TSLA and how she determined buy and sell signals for each stock. Kathy also outlines the importance for traders to practice patience and really ask themselves, “what is important” and “what do you want to focus on, not just in the market, but in your life.”


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