Blog Episode 46: Burnout

The Wall Street Coach Podcast Burnout

0:00 – Introduction to Burnout

3:20 – The Fives Stages of Burnout
13:00 – Ways to Tend to Burnout and Nourish Your Soul
19:45 – How the Needs of Others and the World at Large Impact You
21:10 – Finding What Works for You
24:00 – Symptoms (Emotional Exhaustion, Compassion Fatigue, Placing Blame, Prolong Feelings of Depression and Anxiety, Reduced Sense of Accomplishment)
37:25 – How We Use the Positioning Index to Identify Signs of Burnout and Lack of Self-Care
40:00 – How Self-Care Can Compound
41:50 – Is Burnout a Blind Spot for You?


Kim and Lucas dive into the all too common phenomenon of burnout. There are many warning signs along the way, but most people don’t recognize the symptoms in themselves until they’re emotionally, mentally, and physically debilitated.

Kim shares her recent experience with overwhelm that went unchecked that landed her down and out with her back giving out on her. It was a shocking experience that forced her to stop everything. As Kim recounts, the warning signs were there along the way, but she felt like she needed to push through.

When you’re experiencing burnout it can feel like you’re at the end of your rope. This can lead you to react in ways that you know aren’t in your best interest. For traders, this can unfortunately turn into blowing up your account. The sooner you can notice the warning signs like reduced select of accomplishment, emotional exhaustion, placing blame, or any of the other tells in yourself, the better you can protect yourself and your trading account.

One of the most difficult aspects of being a professional trader is defining and developing your own work-life balance. When there’s no one that tells you when it’s time to clock-in and clock-out, it can lead to too much time at the desk. So it’s up to you to create a supreme sense of self-awareness in order to recognize when it’s time to put in the extra hours and when it’s time to take a step back.


5 Stages of Burnout: Where Are You On The Burnout Continuum?

The Midlife Unraveling by Brené Brown

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