Blog Ep 78: “The Big Short” Legendary Investor Steven Eisman Talks 2023 Investing

0:32 – is the only Discord room for Traders that specifically works on the mindset of a trader.

1:13   – Intro to Steven Eisman

5:08 – How today’s banking crisis is different

8:49 – Steven’s philosophical approach:  Traders need to shift into their new paradigm

14:12 – Steven’s courage and willingness to foresee what was happening

30:49 – Steven’s perspective on First Republic

38:06 – Paradigm shifts aren’t clear until they actually happen

49:02 – Rules of thumb – investing is not a religion

57:03 – The market at its current level will be changing

1:12:08 – The Eisman group takes a limited amount of investors

“The Big Short” Legendary Investor Steven Eisman

Talks 2023 Investing

In this podcast episode with guest co-host Grant Williams, we delve into the legendary Steven Eisman’s career, his notable contributions, mindset and his advice on navigating the complexities of today’s financial markets.

With a remarkable career spanning over two decades, Steven Eisman has emerged as a distinguished figure in the world of finance. Beginning his journey at Oppenheimer & Co., a prominent player on Wall Street, Eisman earned the prestigious title of All-Star Analyst, as recognized by esteemed publications such as Institutional Investor and The Wall Street Journal. However, it was during his tenure as Partner and Senior Portfolio Manager at FrontPoint Financial Services Fund that Eisman made his indelible mark. His remarkable foresight and predictions of the 2008 financial crisis were immortalized in Michael Lewis’s best-selling book, “The Big Short,” which was later adapted into an award-winning film featuring Steve Carell portraying Eisman.

Today, Steven Eisman is the Managing Director at Neuberger Berman, where he spearheads the Eisman Group within the firm’s esteemed Private Asset Management division. Leveraging his wealth of experience and expertise, Eisman continues to provide invaluable guidance and insights to investors. 

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