Blog Ep 70: Victoria Loorz on Connection, Healing, & Nature For Traders

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1:10 – Introduction to Victoria Loorz

– Nature for non-believers + why everyone has a relationship with nature

12:00 – The benefits of creating small spaces for connection

13:19 – Big picture and integrating the global marketplace

15:30 – Church of the wild and connection

24:25 – The benefits of spending more time in nature

27:10 – Being part of the problem vs part of the solution

32:19 – A nothing place, unproductive wilderness, + disruption

36:00 – A surprising deer story + final words

Ep 70: Victoria Loorz on Connection, Healing, & Nature For Traders

Are you feeling burned out? Are you feeling a lack of connection and balance in your life? This interview with “wild church pastor” and author Victoria Loorz could point you in the right direction.

Successful day traders, executives, and other high-achieving individuals often feel pressure to work at all hours. As a result, they can feel detached from the world and from other people.

This interview is an invitation to reconnect. In this episode of The Wall Street Coach Podcast, Kim Ann Curtin connects with Victoria Loorz, author of the beautiful book, “Church of the Wild: Nature Invites Us into the Sacred.”

About Victoria Loorz

Victoria Loorz, MDiv, is a “wild church pastor,” an “eco-spiritual director,” author, and co-founder of several transformation-focused organizations focused on the integration of nature and spirituality.

After twenty years as a pastor of indoor churches, Victoria launched the first Church of the Wild, in Ojai CA. She then co-founded the ecumenical Wild Church Network, an affiliation of con­gregations across North America that meet exclusively outdoors. She is also co-founder and director of Seminary of the Wild, which is focused on a deep-dive yearlong Eco-Ministry Certificate program.

Victoria is also the author of “Church of the Wild: Nature Invites Us into the Sacred.”

Follow Victoria Loorz


Twitter: @LoorzVictoria

Instagram: @mamadoodledoo


Victoria’s book: “Church of the Wild: Nature Invites Us into the Sacred

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