Blog Ep 71: Joe Fahmy: An Optimistic Mindset for the 2023 Market

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1:05 – Intro to Joe Fahmy

– Are drummers better traders?

4:03 – Market correction + staying confident in the midst of it

6:48 – Living in neutrality and being able to change your mind

8:10 – The importance of being able to make decisions

10:49 – Too much vs. too little confidence

13:03 – Market cyles, Jesse Livermore, and lessons learned

15:15 – What does Joe think about crypto + Bitcoin?

15:51 – Mindset words of advice

17:50 – Spirituality and trading

20:15 – Over to Twitter Space + reintroduce Joe

24:40 – How Joe stays open-minded

32:25 – Dealing with downturns + how studying history helps traders

35:00 – Connecting online + mentorship for traders

38:00 – Listener question: how long did it take to become profitable + how active are you?

41:30 – Common trading misconceptions

43:55 – Listener question: selling discipline and knowing when to sell

47:37 – Unconventional advice for traders

49:38 – Why is creativity so important for traders?

51:20 – Advice for traders who are having difficulty in the current market

53:50 – How the current correction is affecting Joe

56:25 – Why it’s so important to have a sense of humor

58:50 – Listener question: How Joe got into Zor Capital

56:25 – Why it’s so important to have a sense of humor

1:07:00 – Listener comments: Appreciation + thanks, followed by parting words

Ep 71: Joe Fahmy’s Optimistic Mindset for the 2023 Market

Having trouble navigating the 2023 stock market? 20+ year trading veteran Joe Fahmy wants to help. 

According to Joe, trading isn’t just about having the right setup. It’s about your mindset. As he puts it, “If your mind’s not right and your head’s screwed up, you’re gonna screw up. So do every single thing in your power to keep your mind strong.”

In this unique two-part interview with The Wall Street Coach Podcast host Kim Ann Curtin, Joe reveals the secrets to his winning mindset — and why it’s so important to stay optimistic and have a sense of humor. Then, the interview moves over to a live Twitter Space recording featuring listener questions. Prepare to learn, gain market confidence, and laugh a lot. 

About Joe Fahmy

Joseph Fahmy is an Investment Advisory Representative at Zor Capital, LLC, a New York-based investment management firm. Joe has over 21 years of trading experience during which he developed his investment strategy. His extensive knowledge of technical analysis, market forecasting, and risk management has landed him appearances on Wall Street Week, CNBC, Fox Business, ABC News, CNN Money and he is a regular contributor to Yahoo Finance.

Joe completed his undergraduate work at Tufts University, receiving a B.A. in Economics and Religion in 1995. Outside of trading, Joe enjoys playing the drums, traveling, and sports.

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