Blog Ep 69: Shay Huang of Humbled Trader: The Power of Not Giving Up

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1:05 – Introduction to Shay Huang

3:25 – Shay’s “hero’s journey” from Taiwan to Canada to trader

6:09 – A 20k loss, a bashed computer, + the dangers of revenge trading

8:11 – Shay’s awakening + important trading lessons

10:20 – Trading for money vs. the love of trading

12:40 – Balance, part-time trading, + doing what you love

14:10 – No Lambos here — Shay’s real-world approach to trading

15:50 – Prioritizing risk over reward

18:07 – Advice for seasoned traders in the tough 2022 market

19:30 – Outdoor activity, nature, and how it impacts Shay’s trading

20:40 – The most critical trading misconceptions according to Shay

23:10 – Over to Twitter Space + reintroduce Shay

26:29 – Developing EQ and how it served Shay’s trading

28:51 – How Shay identified her obstacles to trading success

31:50 – Advice for all traders in the current trading environment

33:55 – What has surprised Shay in her 8 years of trading and how does she maintain balance?

39:20 – How Shay felt when she told her mom about her $20K loss

42:17 – Shay’s take on her community

46:19 – VFX and how it helped prepare Shay for trading

48:25 – The crucial importance of EQ for traders + final words

Ep 69: Shay Huang of Humbled Trader: The Power of Not Giving Up

There are a lot of things worth knowing about Shay Huang, AKA Humbled Trader. But let’s start with two important ones:

  1. She’s REAL. One of Shay’s taglines is “no Lambos here, only reality.” She’s not afraid to talk openly about her losses (like the $20K loss she talks about on the episode!) or the struggles she faced as she made her way as a trader.
  2. She’s FUNNY. Shay jokes that she’s working on her reel for Saturday Night Live — whether or not she ever makes a comedic TV debut, her quick wit combined with warmth and know-how makes this interview (and every video on her wildly popular YouTube channel) a must-watch.

Traders, you don’t want to miss this two-part episode featuring an interview and a live Twitter Space recording with Shay. In it, you’ll learn about her journey from the grueling VFX field to trading, how she maintains work-life balance, and why it’s so important to love trading itself — not just money.

Shay boasts over 900K engaged subscribers and also runs her very own trading community — once you check out the interview, you’ll understand why she’s so popular.

Prepare to learn, laugh, and be inspired on your own trading journey.

About Shay Huang

Prior to day trading full-time for a living, Shay worked in the labor-intensive film and VFX industry. While the compensation wasn’t bad, the hours were long and draining on both the mind and body. So after several years of blood, sweat and equity, Shay began looking for a way out… that’s when she discovered day trading.
Just like most beginner traders, Shay soon learned that trading the markets was anything BUT easy.

She encountered many failures and a lot of days where she felt like giving up. Once, Shay bashed her computer and cried in tears when she lost over $20,000 following chat room alerts from various “trading gurus.”

After more than a year of struggling and drowning in deep red, Shay finally learned that trading isn’t about finding the “perfect” system. It’s about understanding psychology, trading price action (not patterns), and following a structured risk management system.

It was only after Shay started prioritizing risk over reward, and paired regiment with a set of high-probability trading strategies, that she finally found real consistency in her day trading profits.

After eight years of grinding in the markets, Shay now trades full-time from home, and spends her free time doing the things she loves. You can catch her snowboarding in the winter, and hiking and kayaking in the summer.

Shay also makes entertaining and educational YouTube videos to share her journey, her lessons, and build up her comedy reel for her Saturday Night Live audition… maybe someday.

Shay now boasts over 900K engaged subscribers and also runs her very own trading community. She is also involved in the trading community and was part of the recent Traders4ACause event. Feel free to find out more about Shay at

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