Blog Ep 68: Andrew Aziz of Bear Bull Traders: His Mindset for Day Trading Success

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1:02 – Introduction to Andrew Aziz

4:10 – Lessons from breathing at 20,000 feet

5:50 – What do traders need to be most resilient about?

8:26 – Andrew’s tips for increasing resilience

11:30 – So few traders honestly speak about losses. Why is Andrew so open to talking about it?

15:16 – The powerful force that is the market

18:22 – Why Andrew’s books resonate with traders

22:46 – The ‘air traffic control’ mindset + trading

26:07 – Over to Twitter Spaces + reintroduce Andrew

29:14 – How + why did Andrew start Bear Bull Traders?

31:20 – The role of resilience in community

34:30 – The impact of Andrew’s trading community on his personal trading

37:49 – Navigating the tough 2022 market

39:42 – Nature and its healing effects on the soul (and trading)

43:06 – How Andrew maintains balance in his life

47:43 – Trading success as a double-edged sword

50:30 – How to find a great trading teacher

54:02 – Tips for traders in the current market

56:24 – Andrew’s lessons from FTX

59:50 – Emotional intelligence in trading

1:04:00 – Blame in trading and life, lessons learned, and final words

1:07:00 – Upcoming Bear Bull Traders life trading event

Ep 68: Andrew Aziz of Bear Bull Traders: His Mindset for Day Trading Success

Andrew Aziz, the founder of Bear Bull Traders, isn’t afraid to go deep. As he openly shares with host Kim Ann Curtin in this episode of The Wall Street Coach Podcast, “nine months ago, I was worth $3 million more on paper.”

Of course, just about everything’s down in the stock market in 2022. But Andrew’s not letting it ruin his life. He’s not even letting it ruin his day.

Why? Because he’s a seasoned trader. He understands that these cycles are temporary. This is the way the stock market works. Pity the trader who refuses to yield to the market. Andrew puts it, “With the financial market, You are dealing with a very powerful force that doesn’t care about you.”

Many listeners already know of Andrew’s chops as a trader and educator. But he’s also an example of trading EQ (emotional intelligence) that traders at all levels can learn from. 

How does he keep his cool when the market’s stormy? In this two-part episode featuring an interview and a live Twitter Space recording, you’ll learn exactly what motivates him in trading and in life. Learn all about the trading rules that have helped him, why he’s “a big advocate of part-time trading,” and why not all trading ‘gurus’ are created equal.

Prepare to learn, be inspired, and take away some fantastic lessons that will inform you as a trader and a human being. 

About Andrew Aziz

Andrew Aziz is an accomplished trader and founder of Bear Bull Traders, an educational community designed to help traders connect, learn, share, and grow. 

After moving to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to earn his PhD in chemical engineering, Andrew spent several years working in various research scientist positions in the cleantech industry.

Upon being let go from one particular position, he decided to focus his energy on the financial industry and trading markets. With drive and determination, Andrew started studying the stock market. Everyone, including himself, was doubtful, but Andrew persevered.

Then, in 2015, he published his first book, “How to Day Trade for a Living,” a simple, concise, and practical guide to day trading, written for everyone, regardless of their financial market knowledge. Later, in 2016, he started what would become the Bear Bull Traders community as a forum for serious traders to share their knowledge and expertise with other traders around the world.

Whenever he is not trading or in front of his computer, Andrew is outdoors hiking, trekking, skiing, or high-altitude climbing.  

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Andrew Aziz

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