Blog Ep 63: @VWapTrader1 AKA JJ of Confessions of a Market Maker + Kim Offer Speed Coaching

0:30 – Get free gifts from Kim, JJ, and Ray — visit

1:15 – Could you fail at 10 things?

9:16 – JJ on market mechanics and what really moves markets

18:00 – Why trading isn’t about who you are

23:24 – The importance of learning the business side of trading

34:55 – Is the derivative market driving the equity market?

38:29 – A question about historic float — JJ’s tips on finding it

41:55 – The advice that people resist

50:00 – Can JJ make sense of the metals market?

51:56 – Self-doubt and trading

1:00:15 – The dangers of being too early in a trade

1:11:30 – Manufacturing short squeezes from the POV of a former market maker

1:17:20 – Identifying short squeezes

1:21:09 – Navigating filings for traders

@VWapTrader1 AKA JJ of Confessions of a Market Maker + Kim Offer Speed Coaching 

Don’t miss this recording of a LIVE speed coaching event with @VWapTrader1 AKA JJ of Confessions of a Market Maker + Kim Ann Curtin!

If you’ve never checked out the Confessions of a Market Maker Podcast, please do so right away! It’s a killer podcast co-hosted by JJ, a former market maker has traded billions in dollar volume, and Ray, a trader and pro poker player.

Ray couldn’t join this session — he was at a poker tournament. However, JJ (who you may know by his handle @VWapTrader1) joins Kim to provide speed coaching to listeners in this recording of a live Twitter Space recording.

What To Expect in This Episode 

JJ and Kim got a TON of great questions in this session. Here are some of the topics they tackle:

  • Fear of failure and how it affects traders. Learn how one trader “failed” at Kim’s homework to “fail at 10 things” — but how it prompted him to think about the right adjustments he needed to make in his trading. Often we attach our value to success and winning — that can create its own problems. It’s all about getting comfortable with your own humanity!
  • The importance of understanding what moves markets — not just supply and demand, but who and what is driving that supply and demand. As a former market maker, JJ can speak to the other side of the trade.
  • Can traders access historical float? It’s not as easy as you might think! JJ has some tricks for figuring it out, though…
  • The advice JJ wishes more people would heed: “don’t get starry-eyed about price action.” JJ talks about why people follow price and why it pays to be “a little bit paranoid” in the current market.
  • Self-doubt plagues many traders. Both JJ and Kim weigh in on quieting the “bad wolf” in your head.
  • The danger of being too early in a trade. Even if you’re right, things could go terribly wrong. In retail trading, it’s not always about getting a jump on the trade!
  • Manufacturing a short squeeze — how does it work? Get the dirt from the POV of a former market maker.

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