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“Most people will tell you that 90%+ of trading success is mental. Those same people will spend 90% of their time developing strategies without giving much thought to the mental aspect. Is it any wonder most people are not happy with their trading performance? Kim has the right background and a lifelong passion for helping others to be better. I am one of those people. Kim helps me explore areas I need to work on and provides actionable insights. If you are committed to success, take the steps to increase your odds, hire Kim!”

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Ep: 95 Trading Made Simple – Cutting Through the Noise with Chris Lanzilotti

Guest Chris Lanzilotti demystifies the complexities of trading, offering clear, actionable strategies for traders of all levels. Discover how to navigate the markets with confidence...

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Ep 94: Bouncing Back from Trading Losses – Lessons from Matt ‘PAX’ Kenah

Matt 'PAX' Kenah shares his insightful journey on bouncing back from significant trading losses to building a resilient trading strategy. Learn how personal challenges and...

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Ep 93: From IT Professional to Successful Trader

In this episode of The Wall Street Coach Podcast, Stan Ivanov shares his unique journey from growing up in Bulgaria to becoming a successful trader...

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