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“Most people will tell you that 90%+ of trading success is mental. Those same people will spend 90% of their time developing strategies without giving much thought to the mental aspect. Is it any wonder most people are not happy with their trading performance? Kim has the right background and a lifelong passion for helping others to be better. I am one of those people. Kim helps me explore areas I need to work on and provides actionable insights. If you are committed to success, take the steps to increase your odds, hire Kim!”

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Ep 85: Gratitude is the Attitude with Ricky Analog

Ricky Analog, a seasoned trader with more than a decade of trading under his belt, talks about how gratitude is a game-changer, not just in...

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Ep 84: Sam Prior on Trading, Sports & Mindset

On this episode of The Wall Street Coach, Sam Prior, a semi-pro rugby player turned successful day trader, dives into his journey from a career...

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Ep 83: Peter Atwater on Confidence-Driven Decision-Making

Author Peter Atwater joins The Wall Street Coach Podcast to talk about his book, "The Confidence Map," which is a current must-read for anyone who...

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