Blog Ep 67: Jack Kellogg: From Valet to Multimillionaire Trader

0:30 – How to access Kim’s FREE e-book, “Discipline & Finding Your Edge”

0:50 – Introduction to Jack Kellogg (as if you need one)

3:15 – Jack shares his trading trajectory

5:50 – What’s behind Jack’s work ethic + mindset?

7:40 – What are the biggest misunderstandings Jack sees among traders (and feels himself)?

11:17 – Dissecting losses + comfort with discomfort

12:24 – Trading isn’t about money for Jack anymore. So what is it about?

14:41 – Balance + how Jack operates now

19:00 – What Jack does in his free time

21:15 – How would Jack advise a beginner?

22:48 – How did Jack get his enviable big-picture mentality?

24:15 – Over to the Twitter Space + reintroduce Jack

25:30 – Why Jack doesn’t just want to be just a trader

27:24 – How Jack maintains balance in his life outside of trading?

31:05 – The secret to Jack’s internal grit and how he looks at losses

33:20 – Jack’s take on healthy living

37:15 – Listener question: where should traders turn for stock information?

39:45 – Listener question: how to avoid FOMO and forcing trades

42:51 – Listener question: what was a major turning point in your career?

44:24 – Listener question: Jack’s trades on SQQQ and TQQQ

46:30 – Jack’s exponential growth — how did he uplevel?

50:12 – Listener question: what is Jack’s edge?

52:57 – Jack’s Personal goals

54:20 – Listener question: how did Jack diversify and expand his trading strategy?

57:53 – How Jack gets support from loved ones + the trading community

59:30 – What mindset would Jack like to see shift in the day trading community?
br> 1:01:30 – What gratitude means to Jack

Ep 67: Jack Kellogg: From Valet to Multimillionaire Trader

If you’re a day trader, you’re probably familiar with Jack Kellogg. If you haven’t heard of him yet … well, he’s kind of a big deal. He’s traded OTCs, he’s traded meme stocks. He’s gone long, he’s gone short … and at just 24, he’s surpassed $10 million in trading profits.

You’re kind of tempted to hate him, right?

But here’s the thing: Jack’s a genuinely great guy.

As The Wall Street Coach Podcast host Kim Ann Curtin puts it, “Not only is Jack a world-class trader, but a world-class human being.”  

In this interview, you’ll discover a side of Jack that few people have seen or heard before. In this combo episode featuring an interview coupled with a live Twitter Space recording, you’ll learn about the emotional side of Jack’s trading — including an honest discussion of his emotional struggles even in the face of success, and how he worked with Kim as a coach to develop more EQ and balance in his life. 

There’s no doubt that everyone who listens to this episode is going to grow and stretch and see their EQ raised! Jack is a living example of someone who is unstoppable — you don’t want to miss this!   

About Jack Kellogg

Jack Kellogg isn’t your typical millionaire trader. After he graduated high school, he didn’t want to go to college, but he understood that if he wanted to have the kind of life he wanted, he needed to make money.

In 2017, he made it his New Year’s resolution to learn how to trade and started with $10K he saved from his valet job. People think of him as an overnight success, but he spent years grinding and working on side hustles including an attempt to sell bamboo pillows.

His years of fine-tuning his skills paid off. When the crazy market volatility of 2020 hit, he was prepared. He passed $1 million in profits in late 2020, and his growth has been exponential ever since. He passed $10 million in profits this year and hasn’t stopped there. In addition to being a world-class trader, he’s also a trading mentor and active in the trading community, taking part in events like Traders For a Cause and more.

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Traders For a Cause

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