Blog Episode 14: Interview with Former Market Maker JJ (vwaptrader1) & Unheard of Theories re GameStop

In this episode of The Wall Street Coach Podcast Kim and Lucas welcome former market maker JJ Gorilla (aka @vwaptrader1 on Twitter) & co host of Confessions of a Market Maker podcast onto the podcast to discuss the parabolic move by GameStop, the “plumbing” of Wall Street and why Robinhood and other brokerages were forced to limit certain equities, and also some speculate on dirty deeds that may have taken place behind the scenes.


JJ on Twitter @vwaptrader1 on Twitter:

Cohost of Confessions of a Market Maker Podcast:

Market Profile Teacher: Former

Market Maker Shares Must-Know Trading Secrets on SteadyTrade Podcast:

Raphael Cushnir:

CNBC—Andrew Ross Sorkin interviews Vlad Tenev:

Turney Duff—The Buy Side: A Wall Street Trader’s Tale of Spectacular Excess:

Victor Niederhoffer—The Education of a Speculator:

Interview with Legendary Victor Niederhoffer on SteadyTrade Podcast:

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