The Summit Package

This complete trading program ensures you will receive one on one support, proven resources, courses, and coaching that The Wall Street Coach team uses with our most successful traders. This personalized coaching system is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of clarity and planning so you can build a lifelong foundation for consistent, insightful, and stress free trading.

The Wall Street Coach is a coaching firm that specializes in helping traders overcome the inevitable emotional and psychological hurdles that every trader is up against.

Our proven Summit Package is tailor-made to your goals as a trader so that you can find consistency, profitability, and peace of mind in the market. You will be working with a highly experienced coach who will help you understand how to stop getting in your own way and co-create a clear cut path so that you can finally realize your goals as a highly successful trader. Our elite team of experienced coaches work with top traders, investors, and portfolio managers giving them firsthand knowledge of what is truly needed to become a profitable and consistent trader.

The Zenith Package is our most popular package because it ensures expert guidance and critical hard truth accountability to achieve the goals you’ve set for yourself and your career.

Included in The Summit Package:

3 Month Effective Trader Coaching Program


  • Hand-selected placement with one of our elite coaches on The Wall Street Coach team.
  • Two (2) sixty-minute coaching calls per month for three months.
  • Email availability with your coach for urgent matters.
  • An individualized coaching roadmap based on your trading goals and your personal goals.
  • Personalized support to hold you accountable.
  • The empowering secret of self-responsibility.
  • Tools provided on how to stay disciplined in your trading.
  • Understand your current limited view, interpretation and location in the market and learn how to open up your view to the much bigger holistic view.
  • Finally stop feeling like you’re a victim of the market.


  • Discovery Packet – Your personal Discovery Packet is a deep dive into how and where your roadblocks exist. After you answer these questions you’ll be able to identify and pinpoint exactly where you are now and where you want to go and how to remove any roadblocks that stand in your way. Imagine finally knowing exactly what you need to do for your trading account -and your life- to finally break through. Imagine being fully aware of all the places you’re being stopped in your trading and in your personal life. You’ll be shocked to discover how much your life mirrors your trading account. Answering these questions will jumpstart your coaching in unexpected ways.
  • Premarket Checklist – Our custom created checklist will help you Identify exactly where you are emotionally & psychologically before jumping into the market. This will provide you a cold hard truth on where you’re at before you sacrifice your trading account. This checklist is a game changer.
  • Trading Journal – Downloadable journal complete with prompts to identify why you took a trade and if you were lured into traps or if you stuck to your plan.
  • The Self Aware Trader – Kim Ann Curtin’s Four Ebook Series
    • Book 1: Ego and Inner Gremlins: How Your Emotions Impact Your Trading
    • Book 2: Deconstructing Greed and Fear of Failure
    • Book 3: Navigating FOMO and Comfort With Loss
    • Book 4: Discipline and Finding Your Edge
  • Trading EQ with Kim Ann Curtin – 2.5 Hours of Trading Emotional and Psychological Gold. In this Four Part Self-Paced Trading Course, you’ll dive into these video classes:
    1. Why Winners Win
    2. Increasing Mental Toughness
    3. How the Trading Body is Hardwired
    4. Universal Needs
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