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Coaching for Traders

Traders are subject to a powerful cocktail of emotions like fear of failure, fear of missing out (FOMO), greed, lack of discipline, the lack of a proven edge or lack of clarity about how to take losses — not to mention the consequences of an out-of-control ego.

Market volatility creates incredible opportunities for those who are prepared — but it also makes it far more challenging to keep one’s emotions in check. Next-level mastery of your trading takes training and practice. You have a unique opportunity to take your trading to a whole new level with The Wall Street Coach.

What is holding you back from reaching your potential?

Base Camp Package

The Base Camp Package is for traders who know that being emotionally and psychologically prepared everyday are the keys to their trading success.  This unique self-paced package will change how you approach trading and provide you with the tools to implement the discipline needed so you can finally take full advantage of the opportunities in front of you.

The Summit Package

The Summit Package is a tailor-made, one-on-one coaching system with an elite coach designed around your unique trading journey. This program has been developed to help you achieve consistency, profitability, and peace of mind in the market so you can realize your goals as a successful trader.

You will be working with a highly experienced coach who will help you understand how you’ve been hindering yourself and co-create a clear cut path so that you can finally realize your potential.

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Master Your Trading Psychology, Unlock Your Hidden Edge, and Join a Community of Sharp, Like-Minded Traders.

Self-Aware Trader eBook series: How To Turn Emotional Roadblocks Into Vehicles For Effective Trading

In this four-part series, executive coach and trading coach Kim Ann Curtin systematically addresses the most common challenges that every trader faces in their pursuit of profitability and consistency, from ego blindness and inner gremlins, to fear of failure and greed, FOMO and learning how to be neutral in the face of loss, and how to finally practice discipline and develop your proven edge.

Reading these e-books, you will see that these struggles go much deeper than just trading. These effective and immediately actionable tools will empower you to begin facing the roots of what is stopping you so you can finally move forward with profitability and that elusive consistency.

Trading EQ Video Course

The Trading EQ Video Course is a four-part training series that will walk you through the keys to becoming a successful trader. This series begins with a critical look at the mindset of winning traders. From there, you will move into resilience training where you will develop true discipline in your trading and life. Next, you’ll gain insights into your self-sabotaging habits and how your emotional state sacrifices your success.

Finally, you will end with understanding Universal Needs and how your unmet needs are lurking behind your poor decisions throughout your trading day.

Trader Positioning Index

The Trader Positioning Index goes to a deeper level than any traditional assessment you’ve ever taken. It identifies the values that drive every decision you make.

The Trader Positioning Index with The Wall Street Coach will give you a crystal clear view into your unique decision-making process and allow you to move forward with a world-class coach to finally amplify your strengths, identify blind spots, and build yourself up where you need it most.

“I will help push you through the mental barriers holding you back and hand you tailor-made, high-performance strategies, so you can achieve the freedom, wealth, and fulfillment you desire”.

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