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Executives who utilize coaching become more effective leaders and build highly engaged and profitable teams.

Our coaching is flexible and fits with how you work. No matter what level you’ve reached, select the package that’s right for you.

Executive Positioning Index Package

The Executive Positioning Index will shine a spotlight on every area of your career and your life. You’ll immediately see where you are out of balance so you can finally have breakthrough after breakthrough in both your work and personal life.

The Executive Positioning Index with The Wall Street Coach will give you a crystal clear view into your unique decision-making process and allow you to move forward with a world-class coach to finally amplify your strengths, identify blind spots, and build yourself up where you are weak.

The Zenith Package

The Zenith Coaching Package is a hands-on executive coaching program that ensures you will receive one-on-one support, proven resources, and coaching that The Wall Street Coach uses with our most effective and productive executive leaders.

This personalized coaching system is dedicated to providing you with the highest level of clarity and planning so you can build a lifelong foundation for consistent, insightful, and a lucrative career.

Premiere Executive Coaching With Kim Ann Curtin

Apply to work with Kim Ann Curtin, the CEO and Founder of The Wall Street Coach.

Kim has over two decades of experience on Wall Street and over the past 15 years has coached top C-Suite executives Morgan Stanley, NBC, and GIC to name a few. In working with Kim you’ll have support from one of the world’s preeminent coaches and a unique perspective with her Wall Street business acumen combined with her emotional intelligence excellence.

“I will help push you through the mental barriers holding you back and hand you tailor-made, high-performance strategies, so you can achieve the freedom, wealth, and fulfillment you desire”.

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