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My jaw almost hit the table…

“Kim dug deep and delivered her hour-long assessment, my jaw almost hit the table because it felt as if Kim had lived inside my head and fully understood my value system, thought process, and behavioral tendencies. And with that, Kim offered great and pragmatic insights into how I can do even better.”

– Thuan Pham
Former CTO of Uber


Sustaining Success

“The majority of the work that I have been doing is with the help of Kim Ann Curtin. For me, the work has to do with reconciling my feelings about success, feelings about myself and living my best life while I’m ahead and sustaining it.”

– Brian Lee
Equities Trader

Brian Shannon

Her actionable insights lead me to success

“Most people will tell you that 90%+ of trading success is mental. Those same people will spend 90% of their time developing strategies without giving much thought to the mental aspect. Is it any wonder most people are not happy with their trading performance? Kim has the right background and a lifelong passion for helping others to be better. I am one of those people. Kim helps me explore areas I need to work on and provides actionable insights. If you are committed to success, take the steps to increase your odds, hire Kim!”

– Brian Shannon

Gregg Sciabica

Pulled my trader out of a dangerous slump

“When one of my traders went into a long drawn out slump I reached out to Kim for help. The sessions were well worth the investment, as they paid for themself in no time. In just a few weeks she managed to help him get back to consistent profitability. His performance has continued to improve and he is back on track to being a highly successful trader. Perhaps more important were some of the intangible and unexpected benefits. Kim’s advice and guidance has been impactful in some very meaningful ways. Over the next few months of coaching he transformed into a new person – his outlook and attitude have never been so positive. My only regret is not starting sooner!”

– Gregg Sciabica
Founder, Lucky Strike Trading

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